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Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez en gmail.com
Lun Nov 4 19:42:28 EST 2013

On 4 November 2013 22:53, Sean DALY <sdaly.be en gmail.com> wrote:

> * It's not clear to me where we are going. The OLPC/Sugar development
> ecosystem seems to be at a crossroads. I am encouraged by the web activity
> work, but don't understand the path of transposing the value proposition of
> Sugar (interface, Journal, collaboration, Activities) to handheld tactile
> devices (tablets to smartphones). PCs (of any size) with keyboards are no
> longer competitive with tablets for grade-school classroom use. Perhaps the
> XO-4 could still be in the running; there is no clear message from OLPC.

I'll try to express briefly my feelings about the directions the project
could take. Note that I might be missing a lot of what is going on above
the technical level.

* The XO is not a viable hardware platform other than for existing
deployments. OLPC is pretty clearly going in a different direction.
* Sugar web activities on the top of a full Android loses too much of the
Sugar value proposition. It's great to have it in addition to Sugar-the-OS,
but it's not enough alone.
* From the technical point of view there are several ways to get
Sugar-the-OS running on tactile devices. Unfortunately it's not clear to me
that any of these devices is open enough to be viable for deployments or
"ordinary" users.

Daniel Narvaez
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