[Sur] [ASLO] Nueva version TurtleBots-20

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Jue Mayo 30 14:32:37 EDT 2013

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Sugar Platform:
0.86 - 0.100

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Notas de la versión:
-based on TurtleBlocks v179
-butia: join usb4butia and pythonAPI
-butia: add power manager behavior
-butia: add getType motors behavior for refresh blocks
-butia: correct right left motors call
-butia: remove self.butia validation
-butia: remove duplicated reconnect
-butia: fix move_butia speed parameters
-pybot: uniformize functions call
-pybot: getVolt Butia returns the voltage
-pybot: add ax driver
-pybot: fix some drivers calls
-pybot: add sendPacket to ax driver
-pybot: improve debug function
-pybot: change drivers system
-pybot: add basic chotox functionally
-pybot: add basic describe
-pybot: improve refresh function
-pybot: validate open device
-pybot: correct lenght on device send
-pybot: add com_usb get_address function
-pybot: improve time of com_usb find function
-pybot: add openable if sucess open
-pybot: add open and close command
-pybot: remove unnecessary calls if handler is -1
-pybot: add getType to motors driver
-pybot: refresh devices when listing
-pybot: fix type of volt and res sensor
-pybot: battery returns a float again
-pybot: chotox in separate module
-pybot: more function in chotox mode
-pybot: add basic client when no telnet
-pybot: add testMotors function to motors driver
-pybot: validate type in _doCommand function
-pybot: possibility of no auto-connect the client
-pybot: works with device directly
-pybot: disable debug in com_usb
-pybot: update pybot button driver
-nxt: update nxt commit
-patterns: -remove unnnecessary libs in compile
-patterns: remove unnnecessary prints
-wedo: uses same pyusb than pybot
-new translations

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