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Jue Ago 29 14:28:44 EDT 2013

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0.96 - 0.100

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Notas de la versión:
Updated Wikipedia Simple content to 24/97/2013 (godiard)
Show the icons in home page with the user colors (godiard)
New icons in the home page (Michael Strelan)
Fix index.html for en_simple based on design from Michael Strelan
Move mormalize_title to a file with utilities (godiard)
Update blacklist en (godiard)
Add a retry after timeout when download images (godiard)
Fix namespace links (godiard)
Fix processing of links by changes of mwlib (godiard)
Fix display of images after changes on mwlib (godiard)
Fix blockquote parsing (godiard)
Fix parsing of interwiki links (godiard)
Fixed the parse of list items (godiard)
Update mwlib version (cscott)
Use smaller bzip2 block size to improve decompression time. (cscott)
Trim #anchor from links to avoid putting multiple copies of articles in db. (cscott)
Don't break if we redirect the output of make_selection.py. (cscott)
Make expandtemplates.py script work even when processing --all articles. (cscott)
Make normalize_title consistent; don't squash case-sensitivity. (cscott)
Fix RedirectParser and make it the same in the 3 places it is duplicated. (cscott)
Fix SQL escaping issues. (cscott)

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