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Mar Abr 9 17:16:44 EDT 2013

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0.98 - 0.100

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Notas de la versión:
This version include many improvements in code and stability from Manuel Kauffman.

41e0659 Set the right playing item when click over one item in the playlist
50d94f1 Add .gitignore
ce141a5 Update order in the playlist when delete one item - SL #4435
90183d9 Show the first item in the treeview selected at start
bd08420 Syncronize element been playerd with selection in the treeview
6916c90 Play the next stream if the current one is not available SL #4404
d5b6b7c Fix: 'Add stream from the Journal (datastore)'
5d821ef Do not hide empty panel when a pen drive is (un)mounted SL #4405
6927400 Set as sensitive the show playlist button if a playlist is loaded SL #4406
af4abfc Synch PO files
611a353 Keep the Gio.VolumeMonitor instance in memory
629d101 Show an Alert when there are missing tracks at startup
5746144 Check availability of stream
f2c4417 Set total_time just once per stream
0796e46 Make reseek more CPU friendly
afedc32 Proper sensitive on control buttons
5ab425e Unfullscreen when no more streams
2c39f29 Show 'No media' message when Jukebox starts from scratch SL #4158
9f4e3ee Correct playlist width at start up
8f43c52 Controls class modularized
ecb1ba3 GstPlayer error callback
874cae3 Remove unused old code
8f2924e Better control over the playlist
00310ed Visualization on Audio streams removed
1c74c06 Do not initialize video sink (videoscale, videoconvert, autovideosink, etc)
7086f85 Put Gst.Pipeline in Gst.State.NULL at exit
1761ace Pause Video when lost focus
0bf46d8 Modularization of classes

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