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Mar Sep 4 14:51:36 EDT 2012

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0.98 - 0.98

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Notas de la versión:
This is a testing version pointed to work with touch devices.
Almost all the operations were implemented using cairo (pending are stamp, rotation, mirroring, and  grayscale effect) and was ported to gtk3. The change was big, then testing and report of regressions is welcomed.
In the UI, spinbutton to change pencil size was changed to a slider, the radio button to select pencil shape now use toggle button and the spinbuttons used to resize a selection were removed and the selection can be resized dragging bottom right corner marked in the canvas. Using cairo enable the use of alpha, then a new "Opacity" control allows change it.
The port to Cairo makes the activity slower than before. More work is needed in this area.

A detailed log of the changes is here:
e1ae4f7 Version 44
948a681 Do te resize visualy in the canvas
8ee2e7d Fix ObjectChooser call
708c681 Display a resize handlw in selections
e7d278f Fix rotation of selections
cc8e58a Apply the selection over the temp canvas on mouseout
804c5cd Enlarge the damaged area - SL #3794
aa8fe97 Fix invert color tool after porting to gtk3 - SL #3791
e916f96 Undo fixed SL #3105
0bddb49 Initial version of port to gtk3
ccc5381 Fix artifact when using stamp tool
1f8143f Fix artifact in the circle brush shape
e262641 Replace widgets used to change brush shape
5f4c737 Add slider to set the alpha, and change size brush spinbutton by a slider
a992c06 Fix artifacts in circle and heart shapes
678054c Use clipping to improve performance in the slower operations
d021a5c Use the polygon method to repalce the trace code
5abdb3b Improve the freeform close adding a point to the first position
107b406 Pylint fixes
79d8582 Remove temporary logging
e4edef2 Use cairo surfaces instead of pixbuf to undo/redo
8816613 Implement flood_fill tool using cairo.
8a2fb24 Remove unused code calling the pixmap
234a272 Text tool ported to cairo
f0b6509 Resize of selections use cairo
5e21c46 Implement undo/redo using cairo
1a0de29 Implement stamp tool with cairo
ca94b8e Improve visualization of selection border in a black background
f83130a Use cairo to pick_color and draw the brush preview widget
d9c3861 Rotate method ported to cairo
5e00891 Pep8 fixes
de7c55c Port effects functionality to cairo
2926682 Initial phase of clipboard operations ported to cairo
16c5b24 First stage of port of Paint to cairo
05379e0 Center images smaller than the canvas SL #3677
685ca78 Name in bundle builder is deprecated
ac9881d Push many PO files
c83f0e5 Merge branch 'master' of git.sugarlabs.org:paint/mainline
422863a Undo after using bucket tool fixed SL #3105
0a76f9b Fixed bug instroduced in SL #3602
d207214 Target rectangle in Stamp at first usage SL #3602

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