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Mie Oct 10 12:23:45 EDT 2012

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Sugar Platform:
0.98 - 0.98

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Notas de la versión:
This version use the last Gst bindings, is prepared to Sugar 0.98

Add summary
Port gst 0.10 to Gst 1.0 (Manuel Kaufmann)
Do not pause the stream after adding a new one (Manuel Kaufmann)
Tag reader feature removed (Manuel Kaufmann)
Use 'playbin2' instead of 'playbin' (Manuel Kaufmann)
Create GstPlayer just once (Manuel Kaufmann)
Stop the player when the user is reproducing a video and switch to another activity. (Manuel Kaufmann)
Remove "capsfilter" filter because of performance
Use a notebook in the visualization area
Add .mov files mime types to activity.info
Fix testing functionality
Add mime type to more video formats
Avoid loosing data in playlist if media is removed - SL #3709
Updated translations

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