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Lun Oct 8 00:38:49 EDT 2012

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Sugar Platform:
0.82 - 0.98

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Notas de la versión:
* Latest translation updates
* Additional button controls for cursor left, right, and backspace
* Disable on screen keyboard for main input field to allow easier touch HW interaction
* Major rework of the user interface layout to closer match the original design (from Eben), UI contrast is improved and button spacing improved, portrait layout is improved (though could do with further work)
* Equation and variable views now use user fill and stroke colours and black or white text for improved text contrast
* Fixed: Code that used CanvasIcon was commented out in 2007, remove it SL#3673
* Fixed: "All equations" and "Show history" buttons have some problems SL#2135
* Fixed: Calculate plot image alignment glitch when previous results contain very long answers SL#2126

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