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Agustin Zubiaga Sanchez aguz en sugarlabs.org
Mie Feb 29 09:47:45 EST 2012

Numerycles, un juego que esta muy bueno... y me gustaria difundirlo:

http://bit.ly/gglycl (click for an updated Google search on Numerycles)

http://bit.ly/phases4 four phases of the program: a synopsis of contents
http://bit.ly/mapycle workshops around the world :map
http://bit.ly/femagpi University of Pennsylvania video conference of Feb 6
2012: brief
http://bit.ly/vc0206 recording of videoconference from UPenn (1 hr 28 min)
and pictures
http://bit.ly/lrngame ycles game: learn it! play it! teach it!
http://bit.ly/wkshpbds pics of workshops in Argentina and Switzerland
http://bit.ly/yclchn ycles videos on YouTube: basics
http://bit.ly/blycles blog: Numerycles, but not exclusively

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