[Sur] [ASLO] Nueva version TurtleBots-18

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Mie Dic 26 19:18:26 EST 2012

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Sugar Platform:
0.92 - 0.98

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Notas de la versión:
-more translations
-use TurtleBlocks v169
-add extra palette for Butia
-add refresh of extra blocks
-add LED driver and function
-clean drivers folder
-add get and write to hacks pin of USB4Butia
-fix dettach argument in hack
-change udev rules name and priority
-add gpio
-reestruct code of butia.py
-added commits of submodules
-allow 6 sensors of same type
-fix return for voltage and resistance
-new Makefile for TurtleBots
-only use Bobot with USB and (Butia 2.0)
-remove compatibility with Butia 1.0
-add tw flag to prevent refresh with uncomplete load
-nxt: newest Lego NXT Plugin
-nxt: uses nxt_plugin that allow text port entries
-nxt: motor_pos fixed
-nxt: allow multi-devices control
-nxt: uses nxt with sensor light and grey
-nxt: light sensor fix
-nxt: no search devices at init
-add moveButia block
-remove deprecated distance blocks - turnXdegree
-followme: refresh block of followme ever green
-followme: change followme order of the blocks
-followme: re-scan for cameras each time
-followme: no init the camera at begin, only if is used
-fix problem with speak block
-update WeDo plugin
-fix resistance block conflict with resistance of turtle

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