[Sur] ¡Walter Me Nombro!

Ignacio Rodríguez nachoel01 en gmail.com
Lun Oct 24 15:56:23 EDT 2011

Walter Bender me nombro en su WebPage debido a unos trabajos que he estado
haciendo con el!!
"3. Ignacio Rodrigez, a young developer from Uruguay was issued a Magellan
computer from Plan Ceibal upon entering middle school. He pointed out to me
that the machine comes with Sugar installed on top of Ubuntu. Details are
still a bit sketchy, but some version of Sugar is running (and presumably
supported by someone). The only activity shipped with Sugar is a very old
version of Turtle Art. This is somewhat ironic, since Turtle Art can be run
directly from GNOME. I asked Ignacio to please install the latest version of
Turtle Blocks, which he was able to do with apparently no difficulties."

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