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Dom Nov 27 16:47:38 EST 2011


The networking site you ask for,  seems to be the IAEP list,  located at


This is what visitors can read about this list:

About IAEP
"It's an education project."


(1) Learning practice and theory need to evolve as technology evolves; we are discussing constructionist (and other learning theories) research and practice;

(2) We are engaging in an open dialog between the overlapping communities of software developers and educators;

(3) We are guiding Sugar software development, as it serves as a tangible structural underpinning for the application of 1 and 2 above; and

(4) We are examining and discussing Sugar's educational importance.

As in other lists,  there is a choice of language.  Unfortunately there are only two choices in this list,  English and German.  I don´t think the reader´s choice makes much of a difference but,  for the first time visitor might not be that clear.  It might be interpreted that postings in other languages are not welcome.  I don´t know if that is the case or not.   Most of the students in OLPC deployments speak Spanish and so do their teachers.

The OLPC-Sur list favored by many educators,  offers English and Spanish for language choices.

You ask about social networks.  Many teachers write and read postings in the same world-wide networks everyone knows such as Facebook and Twitter.  From the messages I read there,  neither of them seems to be a venue conducive to any serious discussion about any subject.

Carlos Rabassa
Plan Ceibal Support Network
Montevideo, Uruguay

On Nov 18, 2011, at 11:10 AM, Walter Bender wrote:

> Is there a social-networking site in your country where
> the teachers gather? If so, we could hang out with them there. (I've
> asked this question many times in the past and never gotten an answer.
> Perhaps you or Carlos could investigate?)

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