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On Tue, June 14, 2011 8:31 pm, Carlos Rabassa wrote:
> No logro aprender Sugar
> https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1eot88jPUrJgo2MWR7KNyHa8UqZjdTUOun6JH9A_7KBg
> I cannot learn Sugar
> https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1yBr2G7FF5Jr46ixt_THm1xQh08cyNJXx8KUy-WDZ1Xs

You ask interesting and important questions. I appreciate the difficulties
that you are having (some of which I share), and I would like to assist,
but these documents do not say, either in Spanish or English, what you
have failed to learn, nor which parts of Sugar do not work for you.

Let us see whether we can make the record we need as a basis for a fully
productive discussion. I am not on most of the lists that you sent your
plea to, so I have to ask you to copy this to them, and invite others to
join our conversation here.

Have you been directed to these resources?

Here is what I and others had trouble with at first, but mostly found
answers for:


There are Sugar manuals at


There are Wiki pages on individual Sugar Activities, linked from


Do these answer any of your questions or solve any of your problems?

Please give us a list of the remaining problems. We will add them to the
page on The Undiscoverable, and to various Sugar manuals at FLOSS Manuals
and in the Sugar Labs Replacing Textbooks project.


We will do our best to get answers, file bugs, and do whatever else is
appropriate. This will not only help us to help you, but to help all who
come after.

I would ask any translators reading this to prioritize these materials,
particularly for translation to Spanish, but to other languages as well.
FLOSS Manuals is publishing a Spanish translation of Make Your Own Sugar


We intend to translate the rest of the existing Sugar manuals into Spanish
and other languages, and to write more.

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