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Jue Jun 2 06:51:01 EDT 2011

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0.82 - 0.92

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Notas de la versión:
Sudoku can now be played without using the mousepad. This is the scheme:

* o = right click = reset the board
* square or spacebar = new round
* arrow keys will move the selector square
* number keys immediately place a piece if possible
* the zero key will erase a move

If you prefer to use the mousepad, just click on one of the tiles at left.

Sudoku will now work properly without alteration in a non-Sugar environment.

I'm gradually revisiting all my activities. To make it easy to recognise these revisited versions, they will all start at Version number 21. You can easily tell which version you have by pressing the v key - if this gives no response, then you have an older version.

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