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Dom Feb 27 15:17:08 EST 2011

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0.82 - 0.92

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The 'Birthday" Release


* Added sharing to draw_text, fill_polygon, draw_pixbuf (#2461)
* Added sharing (EXPERIMENTAL) between Gnome and Sugar versions (with Raul Gutierrez Segales)
* Added 'time' block for measuring elapsed time (in seconds)
* Added 'brightness' block for reading average camera luminance value (with help from Tony Forster and Guzman Trinidad)
* Added camera media block for grabbing images from the camera
* New speak.py sample code for doing text to speech (Tony Forster)
* New load_block.py sample code for programatically creating TA projects
* New psuedo-color.ta example (Tony Forster)
* New love-speaks-volumes.ta example -- use mic input to scale shapes
* New spiralaterals.ta example inspired by Spiralaterals activity
* Added a Media Palette for all media-related blocks and reorganized palettes (#2633) for more clarity (Claudia Urrea and Bill Kerr)
* Added offset for second argument in Boolean compare blocks
* More complete translations in Spanish (es) and Italian (it)
* Added plugin support for non-standard devices (camera, sensors, RFID)


* Exposed see as an external method (#2542)
* Media type tests on file suffix use lower()
* Added support for localization to GNOME version (Raul Gutierrez Segales)
* Work around for situations where gst is not available
* Fixed problem with displaying Journal preview images in portfolio
* Restore overlay grids on clear
* Fixed problem with help-string wrap width (#2633)
* Added missing dependency to RFID plugin (Emiliano Pastorino)

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