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Vie Dic 23 11:00:22 EST 2011

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0.96 - 0.96

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Notas de la versión:
This is the first release of Browse activity for GTK+ 3 and GObject introspection.  It is powered by the web rendering engine WebKit.

== News ==

* Fix URI for loading default page
* Restore reload/stop loading functionality
* Restore edit subtoolbar functionality: undo, redo, copy, paste, search
* Remove old zoom methods
* Store and restore session for each tab
* Fix bugs adding conditionals for BrowserNotebook with no  pages
* Restore keystrokes for go back, go forward, reload page
* Add needed imports for Gdk, GdkPixbuf and WebKit
* Restore navigation back-forward in toolbar buttons
* Restore url-entry showing url, title and progress bar
* Add page scrolling, fix closing tabs
* Commenting out code so the activity can stop
* Remove mozilla xpcom and hulahop, add WebKit
* Rename sugar to sugar3
* Port from PyGTK to PyGI, renaming

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