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in this message with a diff purpose I notice a most interesting line,
the one regarding your research.

Let me suggest that you chase learning objects + learning styles +
teaching styles.
Learning objects, alone, furthers the mistake of the "one size fits
all" education, which never will work, for it is contrary to nature
itself, where each Creature is an Individual.
That is the main reason every single great idea in education - be it
sets, Open School, Montessori, etc., has been successful only to the
extent it fit to those teachers who were a good "fit", and, just as
OLPC itself, fails to scale well, and eventually we descend to the
morass of administrator-favored one-size-fits-all with blackboards,
paper and notebooks.

Once the variation in learning and teaching is recognised, embraced
and levered upon, a lot of things will work, among those especially
learning objects - an area I've spent some time myself - I thus
believe your stuff to be quite useful for my own work, yet mostly
useless as long as the OSFA methods are the ones ruling the classroom.

Best to you


> On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 3:19 PM, David Farning <dfarning en activitycentral.com>
> wrote:
> I am proud to announce that we are promoting Pablo Flores as the new
> CEO of Activity Central.
> Pablo has a strong background in all things OLPC and Sugar from his
> time at Plan Ceibal, leadership in Ceibal Jam, and most recently
> as community architect for Activity Central.
> Pablo and the rest of the Activity Central team will continue the core
> AC mission of providing service and support for deployments.
> I will continue my work in the Sugar/OLPC ecosystem by focusing on the
> junction point between deployment technical teams and education teams.
> My research so far has lead me to the notion of learning objects.
> While poorly defined in the education literature, the vocabulary around
> learning objects seems to lends itself to the intersection of technical
> personal and education personal in early childhood education.
> david
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