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Dom Ago 21 15:19:18 EDT 2011

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Sugar Platform:
0.82 - 0.92

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Notas de la versión:
- Fixed problems with scaling on machines other than the XO: for example, the JumPC. The problem was with the bar scores and progress. Also in the text displayed during the presentation.
- Corrected the name of two provinces of Ecuador.
- You end up translating the statistics into English.
- Small fixes are also conducted in other translations.
- Added: self.max_participants = 1
- Added bar "breakthrough" that will show the progress of the game.
- Added image of the screen JP "about."
- The complete statistics for all countries.
- Changed "datos.png." It is now replaced by "bandera.png" (which saves the country flag).
- Created "estadisticas.txt." This file stores information that is displayed in the browse mode.
- Added the possibility of skipping, enabling the Back button, the animation to say goodbye.
- When you are wrong, but not showing the help display the question again. Now shows the question below shows the help.
- Added button "Show all" in the browse mode.

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