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On Fri, August 12, 2011 9:41 pm, Sebastian Silva wrote:
> Earlier this year there was discussion about forming a "Financial Team".
> I'm not sure exactly if a team is required, but formalizing mechanisms
> for projects like translations and content, research or development, to
> look for funds - sounds like an excellent idea. We (local labs) have
> been thinking and talking for a long time about a "project bank" where
> projects could be tracked in a platform for funding, as well as
> requirements and funding could be gathered in bounties or calls for
> proposals (the other way around).


> I'm cc'in Laura who has been thinking about the design of such a system
> for a long time.

¡Hola! Laura. Por favor, ver


y díganos lo que piensas. Hay muchas oportunidades.

> What do you think? Maybe funding for developing such a platform is one
> of the first things to consider?

It is hard to get funding to look for funding. Grantmakers want to see in
advance what the proposed result of their grant for those in need is
intended to be. I have in mind grants for Sugar development, for creating
Open Education Resources to replace textbooks, for developing teacher
training, and for localization and translation. In each of those cases we
can state how many students will benefit now and can project the
possibilities for the future. Translation to Spanish is one of the top
priorities, in terms of numbers of children to be served. Replacing
textbooks in Uruguay (starting to happen now) and Perú may rate as an even
higher priority.

I am planning to write to Software Freedom Conservancy, which handles
donations to Sugar Labs, about how they handle fundraising projects. Their
policy is to take care of administrivia and let the projects focus on
development and rollout. It may be that it is more appropriate to build
the platform there so that it can coordinate among all of the SFC

However, nothing will happen unless we get volunteers to seek out
opportunities, and write the grant applications. I am assuming that given
workers, we can get the board to hash out the policies.

> Regards,
> Sebastian
> El 12/08/11 08:30, mokurai en earthtreasury.org escribió:
>> I would like to propose that we create a funding team to pursue grant
>> opportunities and partnerships for Sugar Labs, including Activity
>> development, translation, documentation, teacher training materials, and
>> digital content integrating software into lessons and explorations. To
>> get
>> things started, I have created a temporary page with some suggestions.
>> There are lots more.
>> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Mokurai/Funding
>> We need people to gather and document opportunities; grant writers; and
>> proposals for what to fund.
>> Some people think that this is still a bad time to ask for money, but I
>> hear that corporations are sitting on trillions of dollars of cash
>> equivalents.
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