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Sab Abr 16 12:38:48 EDT 2011

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0.82 - 0.92

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* Refactoring of block and palette generation to use the plugin
  classes for all blocks. (The goal is to make it easier for end-user
* Added the ability to add new blocks on the fly (See uturn.py example)
* Added basic-style-3arg block (used by NXT plugin)
* Moved plugin libraries to ./plugins
* Shared turtles are updated after mouse drag (#2687)
* Shared turtles cannot be repositioned remotely (#2687)
* Shared turtles have labels
* Turtles are synchronized when joining share (#2687)
* Comments on usage included in the Python sample code (#2709)
* Using standard Sugar icons for colors and camera
* Refactoring of export Logo code to enable plugins to define new functions
* Value blocks updated properly on first appearance
* Reduced the header size in Python sample code for easier reading (#2748)
* Extend clearscreen to entire canvas (#2745)
* Cleaned up some issues with .es translations (Guzman Trinidad)
* More robust handling of broken projects and unknown block types
* Added hidden blocks when plugin devices are unavailable
* Added new Python example for recording audio


* Fixed regression with help messages when running Sugar 0.84 (#2676)
* Fixed problem with selected turtle reverting back to default turtle (#2687)
* Fixed problem with camera block graphic in trash (#2678)
* Fixed regression with camera_plugin after refactoring (#2689)
* Fixed problem with saving/loading extra turtles when nick changes (#2441)
* Fixed problem with displaying large FILO heap (#2751)
* Fixed a problem with tags causing malformed HTML export
* Fixed problem with first sample when using sensors
* Fixed problem with method-name conflict with gtk.widget


* Userdefined code gets TurtleWindow instance rather than LogoCode
  instance as first argument. This change was made in order to better
  accommodate and better parallel the new plugin mechanism. Most
  likely, you had been referencing tw, the TurtleWindow instance from
  lc, the LogoCode instance, e.g., lc.tw. Now you can reference tw
  directly, e.g., tw. To reference lc, use tw.lc. Under most
  circumstances, Turtle Art will detect when myblock is looking for lc
  rather than tw and it will pass the correct argument.

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