[Sur] Oscar Becerra contesta (25 veces) al artículo de Christoph Derndorfer

Sebastian Silva sebastian en somosazucar.org
Vie Oct 29 16:07:15 EDT 2010

*"Part I
Your article reminded me of my Mother in Law praising the flavor of coconut
in the Piña Colada I invited her when it had no coconut at all. She was just
expecting it no matter what. Of course my opinion will be biased, but at
least I am stating it beforehand. Here are my comments to the article and
some of the facts I mentioned you during the hours spent with you during
your visit, which you have conveniently ignored.
It is mostly full of half truths and extrapolations with no hard data to
support them, it also has the same lack of understanding of Peruvian reality
that is common to many first world visitors who can't see what is before
their eyes just because they are so used to seeing other things, remember
the Tragedy of the Commons." *
*(...**Tiene hasta parte XIX!)*

Sería excelente que la comunidad en el Perú nos ayude a participar en este
debate que por fin parece estar ocurriendo.
Sebastian Silva
"Te imaginas si te pudieran enseñar sólo a leer pero no a escribir??"
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