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Jue Nov 11 12:12:34 EST 2010

Hey folks,
I am having problems getting files together to distribute to a teachers workshop this Saturday.  I have asked for help and a few people have been really good about it. But time is running out.  I have been checking some of the files on the Sugar Creation Kit (which has a correct checksum). The Blueberry file in the kit which I used to make a test copy of the "Taste of Sugar" live CD did not mount. It's checksum is not correct.  I downloaded Blueberry again last night and no one has the time to help me find the checksum. Walter tried, but I guess he isn't a Mac person.
Here is a chance to get Sugar into the hands of real educators who are reasonably computer savvy. But, no one seems to have the time to help me get it right... no not just right, perfect! Where are our priorities?  Remember what Mel says, "It's and Education Project".  What good is all the work on Sugar going to do if it doesn't get into the hands of teachers and students?
I have also been asking for about 2 weeks for help getting an up-to-date version of Sugar to run in a Virtual Box on my Mac (a beta version works). Luke helped me get Maple_Syrup to work in VB via Skype  by using a shared desktop when I was in Hawaii. But, he is very busy with school and the Sugar Labs election stuff.
Between now and bedtime Friday night (I have a feeling it will be very late), I need to check, charge, and update a bunch of XOs for the workshop, make some signs, put the finishing touch on two sets of slides...  one for the workshop and one for a presentation, and make 25 copies of a CD to hand out at the workshop.  It is essential that all the files on the CD be correct and function as expected.
This is not a last minute thing.  I struggled to get the download for the Sugar Creation Kit (got help for that) and then figuring how to use it and making a trial "handout" CD... which seems to be faulty.  I really need help... today!
I can do a Skype session anytime today or this evening to get the disk ready to burn. Tomorrow will probably be too late as I have to burn 25 of them and it takes time. The payoff? Not only will this get a valid copy of Sugar out to teachers who will use it, but it will also verify whether the file Blueberry file on the Sugar Creation Kit is correct or not.
I can do a Skype session about Virtual Box anytime tomorrow to get the Virtual Box puzzle started. In return, I will put instructions for how to do VB in teachereze on the wiki.
How about it folks?  
Caryl (aka GrannieB & Carolina)
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