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Lun Mayo 24 02:15:04 EDT 2010

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0.82 - 0.88

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This release is based on Scratch 1.4, which includes UI changes,
support for creating costumes and backgrounds by capturing photos from
the XO camera, and support for nearly 50 languages.

This is the first XO Scratch that integrates with the Journal, thanks
to the vision and persistence of Claudia and the Squeak expertise of
Bert. In addition, Scratch can now use simple resistive sensors
plugged into the microphone jack.

There are several known issues with Scratch on the XO-1.5:

 * You must disable power saving when running Scratch to avoid a
interaction between sound playback and the power management system
leading to a freeze of the Scratch activitiy.
 * Sound playback is not entirely smooth.
 * Using the microphone jack for resistive sensor inputs does not work.

I believe these are all systems issues, either with the OS/drivers or
with Squeak, and they are being investigated.


       -- John

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