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I've come late to this discussion... it is week 3 of "Camp Grandpa and Grandma" and until Monday evening, my time is not my own (but it is fun and they grow up way too fast).
This past spring I was able to run SoaS on the Mac without the Virtual Box.  The usb stick had no persistent storage. That was, and is, a problem still to be solved.  Also, the stick had to be created on a PC.
In the past, I have had success also running it in Virtual Box.  Again, no storage.
So that I could also demo it to folks on a PC, I bought an eeePC and ran it there too.
At the LAUSD Tech Fair at the LA Convention Center in the spring, I was able to show SoaS on both a Mac and a PC, in addition to having several XO-1s and an XO-1.5 for people to try.
I have some nice photos of it, but I notice, I am a bit behind with updates to my Project page. I've attached a photo of all 3 kinds of machines running Sugar at the same time.
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