[Sur] TurtleArt-83 tendra...

Daniel Ajoy da.ajoy en gmail.com
Jue Feb 18 23:39:32 EST 2010


New user-interface features include support for multiple turtles (this enables the learner to engage in many of the types of problems opened up by learning systems such as StarLogo). To facilitate debugging, there is now runtime block highlighting and highlighting of the block that raised an error. Boolean logic is now prefix instead of infix, which makes it consistent with the arithmetic operators and less ambiguous in its visual parsing. Many other UI improvements, a trash palette (with restore), variable-length, editable string blocks, labels on coordinate-grid overlays, etc. were driven by feedback from the field.

Muchas tortugas

Para facilitar la depuración: los bloques se marcan al momento de ejecución.

Los bloques de operaciones lógicas booleanas (y, o, no) ahora son prefijos (como los bloques de operaciones aritméticas)

Bloques de texto de longitud variable

Paleta de basura y recuperación


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