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from 0.82 to 0.86

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Version 10 adds a couple of useful features:

1).  Annotations, like Read Etexts has.  You can add notes below an image.  For instance, if you wanted to create a collection of pictures for an art appreciation class you could put notes about each picture underneath the pictures.  You can also bookmark as many images as you like.  Be aware that if you use annotations the Zip file containing the images will need to be completely rewritten when you exit the Activity, and this can be time consuming.

2).  You may now create a directory entry from any image in the collection.  If a teacher wanted to distribute a collection of images with the idea that students might use individual images to make a Memorize game, etc. a View Slides presentation would be a workable way to do that.

Some bugs have been fixed, notably that in Sugar version .84 and later you can now add images from a thumb drive to your presentation.  Previously .84 only allowed adding images that were in the Journal.  .82 treated images on thumb drives as if they were in the Journal.  Currently the Activity gives the same experience on either version.

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