[Sur] [ASLO] Nueva version Labyrinth-8

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Sab Nov 14 00:05:05 EST 2009

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Sugar Platform:
0.82 - 0.86

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Notas de la versión:
- New toolbar design when using 0.86 or above (old toolbar design still supported for older version of Sugar)
- PDF export button added to new toolbar design to aid discoverability
- PNG bitmap export support added (button in new toolbar design, available under Keep menu for old toolbar design), this provides easier uploading of mind maps to web sites as PNGs can be easily embedded in HTML content.
- Copy toolbar button only active when you have text selected
- Paste toolbar button only active when you have a valid text insertion point
- Updated with latest language support: it, ja, vi, de, es, fr. Many thanks to the translation team!

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