[Sur] Resultados de OLPC/Sugar en Peru.

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Jue Mayo 7 18:22:01 EDT 2009

>>2009/5/7 Rafael Enrique Ortiz Guerrero <dirakx en gmail.com>
>>Interesante articulo (en ingles) sobre resultados de OLPC/Sugar en Perú.
>>Rafael Ortiz


hmmm,, si,, interesante saber que existe tal articulo,,
pero no precisamente por su cotenido...
pego a continuacion el comentario que acabo de postear a ese articulo....

saludos, y perdon por ser un poco incredulo,,,


Hi Hernan...


how can you be that sure?

i´m actually an XO fan,, i really work hard to add to the project, but,

where did you get this numbers from?

why 50%?

why not 47.3% or 63.7%?

i thought we actually still cannot even e-mail the responsibles of DIGETE´s
3500 "innovation roooms" across the country... we dont even have a list of
e-mail adresses from teachers using xo,, we have less than 5% of the 200000+
machines connected to the web, so we don´t even know where they are now...,
and we have very few reports of succes...

of corse kids are very happy playing with the machines,and activities, and
teachers, and everyone is so mo tivated...

but to help getting faster on the run,, we would love to get from you a
mailing list, forum or whatever, where those amazing numbers show a bit up
in the reality...instead of hearing meaningless inflated numbers! and
watching fancy jingles on youtube,,,   -and if you send some numbers, *please
give reference of your sources of statistics*,,

this reminds me of Oscar Becerra ´s talk at TED... I never knew if he was
serious or funny,, or whom he was trying to convince of what...

whom are you trying to convince?

it´s not necesary, hernan,

reality is reality, don´t be afraid of it..

we all know we´re just starting...

don´t be that innocent : )

2009/5/7 Rafael Enrique Ortiz Guerrero <dirakx en gmail.com>

> Hola
> Interesante articulo (en ingles) sobre resultados de OLPC/Sugar en Perú.
> http://www.olpcnews.com/countries/peru/tantalizing_results_from_olpc_peru.html
> Rafael Ortiz
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