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Walter Bender walter.bender en gmail.com
Mie Jun 3 12:17:20 EDT 2009

Me disculpo por responder en Inglés.

2009/6/3 Janet Melchor <jenny_pue_mex at hotmail.com>:
> Hola a todos!
> Alguien sabe si en algún país o ciudad han implementado el proyecto OLPC sin
> conectividad a internet
> En caso afirmativo ¿como les ha funcionado de esa forma? ¿han instalado
> servidores para respaldo de info de las XO?
> ¿creen indispensable tener el servicio de internet para uso de las xo?
> Por favor platiquen su experiencia u opinión
> Saludos
> Janet M
> México

While it is certainly true that access to the Internet enhances the
learning experience, the hardware (OLPC-XO) and software (Sugar) were
designed to work in situations where the Internet is not available.
The laptops can intercommunicate without any external infrastructure
(what we refer to as "under a tree" mode) so that teachers and
students can collaborate and share work without the need for the
Internet. If data is available on a USB key or SD card, it can be
shared among the students. Sugar comes with several activities that
are designed explicitly for this use case, such as Infosicer, which
lets a teacher, who may have occasional access to the Internet, to
make customized snapshots of the Wikipedia to be used in the classroom
offline. The Sugar developer community would appreciate any additional
ideas and feedback as to how we can make the Sugar experience richer
in such circumstances.



Walter Bender
Sugar Labs

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