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Notas de la versión:
This version allows you to highlight passages in ebooks.  To highlight a passage select the text with the mouse and press the Underline button on the Read toolbar.  This will cause the selected text to appear with a single underline, plus a yellow background that resembles using a hi-lighter pen on a passage in a textbook.  You can highlight multiple passages on the same page.   The highlights become part of the document, so when you share a book either through the Neighborhood or by copying it to a thumb drive the highlights go with it.

To remove a highlight select it with the mouse and press the Underline button.  When you select any part of a highlighted passage the whole passage will be selected automatically and the Underline button will be displayed in pressed down mode.

This, combined with the ability to bookmark multiple pages and annotate pages introduced in the previous version should greatly increase the usefulness of plain text ebooks.  Teachers can create annotated texts for their students, and students can add notes, bookmarks, and highlights to their own books and share them with each other.

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