[Sur] Trans.: [IAEP] Contacts in Peru?

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Mie Jul 1 14:13:19 EDT 2009

Greg, Samy

Kiko and Sebastian are great people to contact, as their initiative, 
Escuelab, is one of the best programs of their type I know of, 
worldwide, based in Peru and going toward soon having continental impact. 
They are quite good with English as well.
Hernán Pachás would be the "official" contact for the OLPC deployment in 
Perú, and he often is around this forum also.


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> At a conference earlier this month in Philadelphia, I met a professor by
> the name of Lori Pollock.  She's been encouraging her kids to write Sugar
> activities, and she also asked me if I knew anyone in Peru who might be
> open to sponsoring a work abroad program for those of her students who are
> interested in OLPC/Sugar.
> Does anyone have any contacts in Peru who might be able to help make this
> happen?
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