[Sur] Minutes from olpc-friends' Feb. 03 and 10 Deployment Meetings

Michael Stone michael en laptop.org
Mar Feb 10 20:47:19 EST 2009


Last Tuesday, we held an awesome deployment meeting (at 2000 UTC on
#olpc-deployment on irc.freenode.net) which featured sustained engagement with
the Hernan's deployment troika: logistico, técnico y pedagógico, as well as 
extensive brainstorming of solutions for issues relevant to Peru, Sierra Leone,
and Birmingham.

    Minutes: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Deployment_meetings/20090203

Today, we had a quiet sharing of knowledge with Wade Brainerd, head of the
Sugar Labs ActivityTeam, a nice Nepal update, some fine exploratory thoughts on
the Rwanda deployment, and a pitch by Richard Smith for help with his
long-awaited Multi-Battery Charger.

    Minutes: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Deployment_meetings/20090210

Enjoy, and please join us in a few hours 0500 UTC or again next Tuesday at 2000
UTC. As always, please add items to the next meetings' agenda at the bottom of 


so that interested folks can prepare questions and remarks or update the


(For extra motivation, be sure to check out dsd's four most recent wishes --
contributed live, directly from Paraguay!)

Voluntarily yours,


P.S. - Sorry that it took me so long to get last week's minutes posted -- they
were hard to disentangle!

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