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Jue Ago 27 13:41:21 EDT 2009

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from 0.82 to 0.86

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Notas de la versión:
* Journal state saving now supported!
* MIME type support added so Physics Journal entries can be sent to others (application/x-physics-activity)
* Fixed Activity title text input so you can name your work correctly (olpcgames glitch)
* New Grab toolbar icon (hand)
* New Polygon toolbar icon (irregular polygon shape)
* Cleaned up toolbar order 
* Single click behaviour so that Circle, Triangle, and Box tool add default sized shapes
* Single click behaviour for all tools, so that a subsequent single click creates a clone of the last shape made with that tool.
* Erase tool now erases (one by one) pins/joints/motors from a shape, before finally removing the shape itself.
* Using +key for all keyboard shortcuts (was causing PyGame input focus issues when typing a title)
* Using the Sugar standard arrow cursor for the PyGame canvas (well, a fake one)
* Cleaned up the Activity icon
* Upgraded to new version of Elements 0.13
* Upgraded to new version of Box2D
* Picked up Pootle (July 3rd) translations

Many thanks to Asaf Paris Mandoki, and Brian Jordan for all their hard work!

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