[Sur] Posibles mejoras turtleart...cuanto antes!

Walter Bender walter.bender en gmail.com
Sab Nov 1 07:54:47 EDT 2008

I am now the maintainer for the Sugar version of Turtle Art. I'm in
the process of making two major changes to the code right now:

(1) Conversion of the graphics from GIF to SVG. This will make it
easier to maintain and easier for localization. I hope it will make it
easier for adding new features as well.
(2) Folding in the Turtle Art with Sensors features. I don't see the
advantage of maintaining a separate program for this. For those of you
unfamiliar with Turtle Art with Sensors, it lets you use the
micorphone (and other sensor input) to control the Turtle, e.g., go
Forward as a function of how loud the sound is.

I'm very much open to other ideas and I encourage you to explore
making local changes that we could consider "upstream." There are
instructions on "how to patch" Turtle Art here:


Please send your ideas (and patches) to this list or enter them on the
discussion pages of the wiki.



Walter Bender
Sugar Labs

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