[Sur] [sugar] Problems with mesh OLPC Sur list / problemas con la malla

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki en vpri.org
Sab Mayo 17 02:59:29 EDT 2008


  (I privately replied earlier, but here it goes.)

> Questions:
> Do you know how far this can be done?
> Are the numbers related to that radius?

  These three numbers are "channels". (Different frequency bands
around 2.4GHz, if I understand correctly).

> Why do those XOs that are in one mesh see each other but not those in
> another?

  Like TV channels, one laptop tune in one of these channels and
cannot talk to others on other channels.  (If I understand correctly,
you can have a hub.)

> It would be good that all the people who are connected see each other
> and the different points act as bridges to gather those who are farther
> away.

  I think so, too.

> In the classroom not all can connect to the same mesh so it is
> impossible to achieve a shared project.

  That is a bummer.

> Another matter is that, suppose we can connect several people, chat or
> talk works impeccably but when we try to share activities that are like
> more complex such as Paint or Write (don't even mention eToys) all gets
> much more difficult.

  Do you know what version of system dou you have?  If one user choose
share with my neighborhood from Etoys, the Etoys shooting star icon
shows up on the mesh view on another XO, yes?  Then, the other user
can click on the star, and each of them should see a small "badge" on
screen.  There the other user (the second user should be able to click
on the small "S" button and the screen will be shared.  It is slow and
not very usable, but that is how you start the shared screen.

-- Yoshiki

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