[OLPC-SF] Help Activity Refresh during summit?

Christoph Derndorfer e0425826 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Wed Sep 21 09:35:26 EDT 2011

Hi Cherry,

this sounds like a great idea though timewise I'd say that 2~3 
consecutive hours is the absolute minimum if you want to really make 
tangible progress. I the goal is to simply coordinate efforts / exchange 
ideas and everyone involved takes 2 hours to prepare for the meeting 
(e.g. figuring out which sections of the Help Activity need attention) 
then things would take less time.

On the topic of TamTam please note that Caryl was also collecting some 
materials earlier this month, including a guide of sorts for playing 
"Row, Row, Row Your Boat.":-)

If, and that's unfortunately quite a big if, I do make it across for the 
summit then I'd definitely participate in such a session.


Am 21.09.2011 12:10, schrieb Holt:
> Christoph D, Seth W and Caryl B can gauge what chapters'
> revisions/expansions are realistic. Now we just need to make sure
> they/all attend SF ;)
> Possibly including the day prior/after Oct 21-23 -- indeed very likely
> for many of us traveling large distances to SF!
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>     Hi All,
>     As you know we are taking topic suggestions for the OLPC-SF summit.
>     I thought I'd check
>     here first if anyone's interested in doing a hack session on the
>     Help Activity. I think it might have
>     been a year since the last update? I know a lot of these activities
>     are intuitive enough to be figured
>     out by a child but a lot of folks do need a little help.
>     For instance, I would love to see a short help guide on how to use
>     TamTamJam/Mini (perhaps something
>     that will result in a small tune composition at the end of it) since
>     I've only been able to produce what many would consider
>     noise with those Activities. Perhaps one small project in Physics?
>     or help guide for Measure? SocialCalc? If we can do
>     just one it will be great.
>     Or is this all too much for an hour or two?
>     Just checking,
>     Cherry
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