[OLPC-SF] quick questions about SF Summit site's GO LIVE TONIGHT!

Elizabeth Krumbach lyz at princessleia.com
Thu Sep 23 00:18:44 EDT 2010

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 7:51 PM, Holt <holt at laptop.org> wrote:

>  Elizabeth Krumbach has performed an act beyond magic, for those Not Yet
> Hip to her and her partners in crime, and their astonishing contributions
> creating this most beautiful (yes, I dare say historic) invitation the
> world.
Thank you for the kind words, Adam. I feel very fortunate to be working with
such exceptional people on this and to feel so immediately welcomed within
this community. As busy as I have been pulling the site and registration
together you worked wonders to get the bios in! Grant, Hilary and June have
been working hard on in the background getting logistics and schedule worked
out. And Mike Lee's graphics really put quite a shine on everything :)

> * Do folks think it's OK to continually/dynamically expand
> http://olpcSF.org/CommunitySummit2010/people.php with quality "biopics" as
> we're getting ongoing requests here, beyond the currently posted 18
> headliner speakers / PartySipAnts :)  One suggestion: keep welcoming our
> strongest contributors worldwide, showcasing their work and personalities so
> vividly, even if this page is becoming too long we can certainly break it up
> later in any number of ways.  And if we accidentally end up with a strong
> social network of our accomplished doers shaking up glocal learning, things
> could be worse if our world suddenly wakes up to one glorious such place
> :)

I would support this.

> * The schedule is still coming together progressively of course, at
> http://olpcSF.org/CommunitySummit2010/schedule.php and
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_SanFranciscoBayArea/OLPCSF_Community_Summit_2010#Possible_Topics-- but can we please post a "specific whole hour" each day when remote
> attendance is strongly encouraged over Skype/IRC/UStream -- as Greg
> DeKoenigsberg/Mel Chua and many others have requested?  Getting this
> specific time published early (now!?) will help everyone, whether that time
> happens to be 11AM each day, or whatever :)

I think that's a great idea. Sameer would be more familiar with the
logistical considerations of this, including how we're going to be handling
internet access throughout the event (this may have been discussed, but I
don't remember).

> * The last 4 questions (below) at the bottom of  the registration site are
> truly awesome, getting to the very *Heart* of why we're all coming.  Can we
> all please make the effort to make this public/shared data weekly, whether
> tabulated or summarized in any way, so everyone can take advantage of the 4
> weeks til game time -- viscerally seeing/connecting with "Hot Topics"
> evolving?

Will do!

Elizabeth Krumbach // Lyz // pleia2
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