[OLPC-SF] Community summit - remote participation

Holt holt at laptop.org
Mon Oct 18 12:16:19 EDT 2010

  On 10/18/2010 11:37 AM, Christoph Derndorfer wrote:
> I was wondering what the possibilities for remote participants / viewers
> were for the community summit?
> > From what I've seen on the schedule the only sessions that are
> specifically mentioned to be Internet streamed are the ones on late
> Sunday morning / early Sunday afternoon...

1) Notetaking will be requested during ALL sessions, supervised by Ben 
Sheldon, who will ask that EVERY session have a link to Wiki/Blog 
Minutes posted *promptly*, right off the schedule here:


     Session Leads will NOT receive neither dinner nor drinks (nevermind 
love!) if they neglect this duty!!

2) Realism and Realness #1: the priority is for all ~100 people to get 
to know each other first and foremost, during the very limited critical 
48+ hrs we have to get to know each other, volunteers especially having 
spent *massive* sums to fly themselves around the world in so many cases!

3) The energy of so many people meeting each other for the first time 
(eg. European & Asian attendance suddenly grew further this past 
weekend!) will create *lots* of stories never told before -- some on the 
record, some very much off!  Our Film & Mapping Teams will map these 
flows in new ways you have not seen before -- you heard it here first -- 
full announcement forthcoming later this week:


4) Many volunteers have neither the resources nor the desire to all be 
youtube stars (quite frankly, many have in fact already asked NOT to be 
videotaped!)  Notwithstanding everyone's personal opinion on "The 
Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted" (look it up, and read it, strong 
face2face bonds are what build movements!) a select number of sessions 
will be carefully videotaped and later posted, thanks to Ben Sheldon 
keeping us all honest :)

*/5) Please monitor Live Chat on http://forum.laptop.org/chat for the 
latest updates all weekend!  (that's #olpc-help on irc.freenode.net)/*
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