[OLPC-SF] OLPC-SF Community Summit Oct 22-24 -- highlighting Sugar Labs / Realness

Cherry Withers cwithers at ekindling.org
Wed Aug 4 22:37:36 EDT 2010

Whoah whoah whoah. I've been attending monthly meetings for a while now and
there was never free beer. Sameer, you holding out on us? Or do you just
happen to dole it out when I'm not there? :-/

On Aug 4, 2010 7:30 PM, "Holt" <holt at laptop.org> wrote:

Thanks to the great volunteers who joined the conf-call:

Now comes the fun part pulling together what may well be the biggest
community summit OLPC/Sugar have ever had -- with a core focus on
Deployment Realness around the SF Bay area /and/ deep testimonials /
skill-building / expert educator-implementor sessions from around the world.

Hosted at San Francisco State University, right downtown, where Open
Internet Culture began 40 years ago (or so it's argued!)  Expected to be
co-hosted in SF dovetailing right alongside the Internet Archive's Oct
21-22 "Books in Browsers" worldwide summit, not yet announced at
http://archive.org reminding us all the keep our content strategies Real!

Organizers are just now beginning to reach our to truly special guests
around the world, so our polished event page http://olpcSF.org will go
live well before end of August.  Starting soon with
but with a High Impact main page much like http://Realness.org, opening
a warm welcome, to large and small deployment professionals and
volunteers worldwide.

It will be so exciting to finally meet the California crowd all
together, many of whom have still never met each other now the "global
silent heros" of our EdTech movement -- not just Silicon Valley but also
real Valley Girls like Caryl Bigenho hopefully inviting several up from
her rapidly expanding OLPC-SOCAL Gang!

The Scoop:

SFSU's Prof of Open Source & Free Beer Sameer Verma is in charge, with
his truly exceptional OLPC-SF community, and welcomes all -- but please
be patient as details emerge in the coming month.  Just watch out world
for The no-nonsense, no-grudges, no-paparazzi REAL-as-it-Gets OLPC/Sugar
party you will never forget :-)
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