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I heard Amanda Koster speak last year and heard about her operation
based in Seattle.  They are doing an amazing job pairing citizen
journalism / vacations with deserving NGOs in other countries.  Might
there be some room for collaboration?  Could any deployments use some
citizen journalism press?

Below is the most recent announcement they made about an upcoming trip
they are training their citizen journalists for.


Grant Bowman

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SalaamGarage has posted a new item, 'GUATEMALA in T minus 3 months!'

OMG, this is so exciting - our trip to the Ixil Triangle in Guatemala is just
around the corner.  So far, we have an amazingly talented and diverse team of 4
citizen journalists that will be joining SG founder & internationally known
photographer Amanda Koster this July!  For Jody, Great Phebe, Sam, and Mira -

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