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Cherry Withers cwithers at ekindling.org
Wed Apr 7 21:43:07 EDT 2010

Hi Caroline,

I'll rattle off updates. I apologize if it's incoherent. Frantically getting
ready for my trip. The only pictures that we got from Lubang are the ones
that Ryan and Tessa took when they went for a visit. That's located in:

1) We've set the date for training. It will be from April 12-16th in NCC and
17th-18th in Lubang. Sorry for the ones who want to attend the training and
observe. Space and resources are limited to the attendees (this is a factor
of space and funds). We will document the training with videos and photos
and do updates on our blog (which is synced to www.olpcnews.com). Trying to
see if we can do a live feed.

2) Training schedule can be located in:
This is schedule is flexible and will depend on how fast the teachers can
process the info. I am more concerned about confidence building rather than
going through the entire list. Anything that we can't cover, I will go over
with them on the web and a weekly online meet-up was agreed upon on IRC
#ekindling (freenode.net) or Skype.  Still figuring out what the best time
is for the teachers. Everyone's invited to this. To do list: set up jabber
server for eKindling.

3) An online meeting with teachers happened yesterday. I'll try to get a
more detailed entry in the wiki regarding our survey.

4) Mitch Seaton (OLPCFriends/OLPC-Aus) is going to support the deployment
and will be staying in Lubang for the month of July.

5) Ryan is taking care of the order details and working hard to get them to
arrive right around the time Mitch is in the Philippines. Estimated ship
time now is Mid-July to early August (Ryan please confirm this).

6) I've donated a netbook to use as XS for both the training and deployment.
Hamilton will get it ready for us. He's also teaching the class (see
schedule). We are still in need of a couple of WAPs and possibly a repeater
since there are two schools for this pilot (Maligaya Elementary is a
satellite school of Lubang Integrated and is walking distance to LIS).

7) There could possibly be three 4th grade classes for this pilot but it
will be "pushing it". Maligaya has an estimated 25 incoming 4th graders,
while LIS estimates 70-78 students incoming 4th graders. We will only have
100 available laptops. It doesn't leave us much wiggle room.

8) Logistics: we have 8 XO (number of students: 13) 1.0s confirmed for the
training. Hamilton volunteered to be the point person for gathering the
laptops from CP contributors (so far, only Alan Victorino and Jerome are
parting with theirs). The rest are donated by US donors. There MIGHT be 7
coming in from CP though this is still in process and might not make it
before I leave. Hamilton is working with the NCC team to get us wifi in the
training room: He found out that the problem was getting Browse configured
with the proxy.

Hope I covered most of it.


On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 5:15 PM, Caroline Meeks
<caroline at solutiongrove.com>wrote:

> I am going to a teacher conference FOSS VT in vermont tomorrow.  Can you
> give me a quick update and maybe a picture so I can talk about what is
> happening RIGHT NOW. :)
> Thanks
> On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 1:44 PM, Cherry Withers <cwithers at ekindling.org>wrote:
>> Hey Gerald,
>> A kids-to-kids exchange would be great! Would be hard to manage the time
>> difference but I think we can manage a video exchange. I'm sure they have
>> LOTS of questions for your kids.
>> Cheers,
>>  Cherry
>> On Sun, Apr 4, 2010 at 3:58 AM, Gerald Ardito <gerald.ardito at gmail.com>wrote:
>>> Cherry,
>>> I don't have a troubleshooting guide, but could put one together.
>>> Also, if you will have access to Skype, I'm sure my kids would love to
>>> help your kids via video conference.
>>> Gerald
>>> On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 6:00 PM, Cherry Withers <cwithers at ekindling.org>wrote:
>>>> Marife, you're giving away plane tickets? Whoah! Where's mine? :-D
>>>> By the way Gerald do you have a hardware trouble shooting guide or
>>>> diagram (maybe a flow chart) that you use for your kids?
>>>> We will have a support team outside of the school but I would like for
>>>> the kids and teachers to debug
>>>> their problems first before they send over their laptops to someone
>>>> else. At least be able to articulate the problem in
>>>> repair ticket.
>>>> I'm looking at the troubleshooting guide from the OLPC wiki and it goes
>>>> through a labyrinth of information. I would
>>>> rather keep it simple for the first responders (kids and teachers) .
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Cherry
>>>> On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 9:02 AM, Gerald Ardito <gerald.ardito at gmail.com
>>>> > wrote:
>>>>> Marife,
>>>>> Thanks for the introduction. I am really looking forward to following
>>>>> the progress of your progress.
>>>>> Please let me know if I can help at all.
>>>>> Also, let me know when to expect the plane ticket. :)
>>>>> Gerald
>>>>> On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 11:51 AM, Marife Mago <marife.mago at gmail.com>wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Cherry and All,
>>>>>> Plz let me introduce Gerald Ardito, he's from Pierre Van Cortlandt
>>>>>> Middle School in Croton, Hudson NY.  Ryan and I ...had a chance to visit
>>>>>> their first deployment.
>>>>>> Gerald plz meet the team.
>>>>>> Just got a word from him...he'll join Mitch in traveling to the
>>>>>> Philippines for the deployment.  Right ...Gerald? :)
>>>>>> Gerald: Plz feel free to join our mailing list.
>>>>>> http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/olpc-philippines
>>>>>> Mabuhay!
>>>>>> ~marife
>>>>>> On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 6:56 PM, Cherry Withers <
>>>>>> cwithers at ekindling.org> wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi folks,
>>>>>>> (PAGING Carlos, Rowen and Hamilton and anyone else who have done
>>>>>>> XO/Sugar work)
>>>>>>> I'm going back home to the Philippines after 17 years of absence. I
>>>>>>> always thought I won't do this until I'm given a compelling enough reason to
>>>>>>> do so. I think affecting some changes on our education system in the
>>>>>>> Philippines (however small or big that may be) is compelling enough. So I'm
>>>>>>> heading back home this April to lend a hand in preparing the teachers in
>>>>>>> Lubang for the pilot deployment in June. But I need  help especially from
>>>>>>> those who have experience playing with the laptop and Sugar.
>>>>>>> Tessa Yuvienco will work with the teachers on prepping them on how
>>>>>>> the technology will change the dynamics of the classroom (classroom
>>>>>>> management, curriculum integration, etc.). Harvey volunteered to do some
>>>>>>> second tier hardware support training (this is for training the technical
>>>>>>> support team who will be the main contact when hardware breaks) but his time
>>>>>>> is limited so he can only go over a handful of things. I can go over most of
>>>>>>> the things that's not covered but it would be great to break up the task.
>>>>>>> Mitch Seaton from OLPC-Aus will lend his support during the deployment and
>>>>>>> do a refresher course on what we talk about in April. Here are some of the
>>>>>>> bigger areas that we need help on:
>>>>>>> A) XS server training and support (I'm working on getting us the
>>>>>>> ideal hardware for this before I go home and OLPC-SF said that they can help
>>>>>>> but just in case, maybe someone can look into getting us a set-up even if
>>>>>>> it's just for the span of the training?). This is for teaching the teachers
>>>>>>> and students on how to log in and use the XS server and Moodle.
>>>>>>> B)* Detailed hardware debugging and repair. The hardware trouble
>>>>>>> shooting and repair training will likely be broken up into two tiers:
>>>>>>> 1st Tier: this will be a simple diagnosis that we can teach the
>>>>>>> technical support team including teachers and kids. Maybe just how to
>>>>>>> recognize trouble signs and to know how to articulate the problem to the
>>>>>>> tech support team.
>>>>>>> 2nd Tier (only for Tech support team): More detailed training on how
>>>>>>> to trouble shoot, debug and do quick repairs. We still have to figure out up
>>>>>>> to how much complexity of repairs the tech support team in Lubang can
>>>>>>> handle. We may add a third tier to the support or just escalate the hardware
>>>>>>> problems to OLPC main.
>>>>>>> *Note: any guidance on this part would be truly appreciated.
>>>>>>> The training will be from April 12-21st with the last two days
>>>>>>> dedicated to the Muscovado project and training in content creation using
>>>>>>> Etoys. Unfortunately space is limited (this is venue and hardware issue) to
>>>>>>> just the participants of the two pilots but let me or Ryan know if you'd
>>>>>>> like to get involved long term to the projects and we'll try to accommodate
>>>>>>> as much as we can possibly can.
>>>>>>> Thank you for your support!
>>>>>>> Sincerely,
>>>>>>> ---Cherry
>>>>>>> P.S. So far we have 6 XOs that we are guaranteed to have, but we
>>>>>>> could use more as there will be 12 participants in the Lubang project. If
>>>>>>> you have some hardware that you can lend that will be great. The teachers
>>>>>>> will need them till their laptops come in around late July or early August.
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