[OLPC-SF] Assistance solicited for mesh-networking experiment

Lee Felsenstein lee at fonlyinstitute.com
Sat Aug 16 19:47:32 EDT 2008

         A friend of mine is developing a protocol for mesh 
networking that allows isochronous (and asynchronous) communications 
without provisioning. I have suggested that he could put together a 
proof-of-concept demo using XOs and am soliciting two things:

         1. People with XOs who would be willing to participate in an 
experiment in the bay area once the software is ready.

         2. People with knowledge of the networking software used by 
the XO who can provide technical input to my friend in putting the 
software together.

         I will be coordinating the effort, so please reply to me 
directly if you wish to volunteer your assistance. Email lee -at- 
fonlyinstitute -dot- com.

Lee Felsenstein         Fonly Institute
2460 Park Blvd. #1              lee at fonlyinstitute.com
Palo Alto, CA 94306             (650)814-0427

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