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Holt holt at laptop.org
Mon Jan 3 13:09:29 EST 2011

So sorry we missed you in the end last week at our olpcMAP Sprint with 
almost 500 deployments/volunteers now organized showcasing their best 
work more vividly every day:


Can you add both your great blogs:


So that more folks benefit below here?  Thanks!!

     http://planet.laptop.org (planetmaster at laptop.org)
     http://planet.sugarlabs.org (planetmaster at sugarlabs.org)

On 1/3/2011 10:59 AM, Walter Bender wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 10:50 AM, George Hunt <georgejhunt at gmail.com 
> <mailto:georgejhunt at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi Everyone,
>     *PyDebug* is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and
>     learning tool for writing and debugging Sugar Activities using an
>     offline stand alone XO. It is Pippy's older sister.
>     *DOWNLOAD <http://wiki.laptop.org/go/File:PyDebug-7.xo>* XO bundle
>     using this link.
>     Quick *OVERVIEW*
>     <http://georgejhunt.com/olpc/pydebug/pydebug/application.html> of
>     essential features.
>     It am humbled to realize that it's been over a year since I set
>     out to steal code from as many sources as I could find, and to try
>     for a minimalist stand alone debugging Activity that would be
>     useful offline. At this point I'm fairly pleased with the basic
>     functionality. But even with minimal objectives, the ccde has
>     grown beyond what I can easily handle (about 8K lines --more than
>     half of it borrowed)!
>     I've found it really hard to work by myself.  I took time out this
>     last year to write *XoPhoto <http://xophoto.wordpress.com/>*, and
>     had some extremely useful help from Bruce Bell-Meyers in
>     Minnesota.  We talked weekly for a couple of months, and it really
>     helped to have a fresh perspective looking at the stuff I was
>     stewing about.
>     I have been spending the last few weeks writing basic programming
>     howto's -- necessary -- but I'm thinking that my time would better
>     be spent fixing features and bugs that are getting in the way.
>     So it's time to put PyDebug out for your testing and feedback. 
>     It's definitely a work in progress, but it's far enough along to
>     see its shape. I solicit your responses.
>     I have set up links to the downloads, documentation, and invite
>     your comments at http://pydebug.wordpress.com. I will try to
>     incorporate my responses into a thriving FAQ section on the
>     wordpress site.
> Can you add your blog to the Sugar planet (planet.sugarlabs.org 
> <http://planet.sugarlabs.org>)?
> -walter
>     Thanks in advance for your help,
>     George
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