[OLPC-Philippines] Please read the ACM article on the OLPC program

Charles Chen ideasman88 at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jun 15 02:41:51 EDT 2009

Hi Ray,

Thank you very much for sharing the ACM article on the OLPC program.
What has been described in the article is exactly what are the
challenges we face in implementing the program in the Philippines.
Nevertheless, the article also confirms the benefits started by the
idea of Nicholas Negroponte and the superior design features of the XO.
And while the current market situation is now present with a lot of
other commercial alternatives to the XO, the target market of providing
laptops to the very poorest of school children will only be reached by
OLPC/ XO program.

I request everybody take the time to carefully read the article Ray posted (see http://cacm.acm.org/magazines/2009/6/28497-one-laptop-per-child-vision-vs-reality/fulltext).



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