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Hi Marife,

While waiting for Ray to do his evaluation on IFL's TeacherMate, I did my own checking on their website and I note their software is proprietary and has a cost involved. Let me copy and paste a portion of the information provided from their website:

nonprofit mission is to make technology affordable for all K-2
classrooms.  We offer the TeacherMate System for a one-time,
everything-included cost of $100 per student. A classroom can be fully
equipped with all hardware and software for a complete 1:1 computing
solution for around $2500. Our TeacherMate System can be purchased as a
learning center for as little as $400 per classroom."

However, the cost of deployment for them is lower than an OLPC but that is understandable given the limited functionality of their computer hardware. 

Another issue is that the target user for their application is from Kinder to Grade/ Year 2 student while OLPC is for a  Grade 6 student. 

Still there is an opportunity to explore whether we can work together to develop suitable content for an OLPC XO to run. However, a significant issue we have to address in such a partnership is the proprietary ownership of the developed content. Another is if there will be a cost involved in using the application in an OLPC deployment. And since this will be partly proprietary, another key issue is who will provide the helpdesk support for the content.





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   1. Re: Fwd: An Opportunity to bring vital content    to the
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Subject: Re: [OLPC-Philippines] Fwd: An Opportunity to bring vital
    content    to the Sugar/XO world - Needs technical help.
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Hi Caroline,

Most definitely this is very much useful, i've been really looking an app
that would enhances student reading skills. Also, it's interesting to know
that they've partnered with Gawad Kalinga ....as one of our discovery
session implementation pilot hopefully will be a Gawad Kalinga site.

Thanks for sharing this wit us...and we'll definitely explore more of this.


On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 4:55 PM, Caroline Meeks
<caroline at solutiongrove.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> I know you guys are aware of the need for content when you deploy.  Please
> take a look at this content and see if you think it will be useful in the
> Philippines.  If so, I'd appreciate a +1 on the IAEP to let them know you
> need it.
> I know you guys also have a lot of technical talent if someone wants to
> work on this directly.
> Thanks!
> Caroline
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> From: Caroline Meeks <caroline at solutiongrove.com>
> Date: Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 3:27 PM
> Subject: An Opportunity to bring vital content to the Sugar/XO world -
> Needs technical help.
> To: iaep <iaep at lists.sugarlabs.org>, XS Devel <
> server-devel at lists.laptop.org>, Community Support Volunteers -- who help
> respond t <support-gang at lists.laptop.org>
> We have an opportunity to bring a program of K-2 English Reading and Math
> content to our Sugar users for free.
> http://www.innovationsforlearning.org/software_demo.php
> Ignore the teachermate hardware and the $100 a machine price tag. The
> concept is we make this available for Sugar for free.  So if you have XOs or
> a machines you can use with Sugar on a Stick, you can use it for free.
> If you watch the Classroom management video you'll see they have aligned it
> to major Basal Curriculum programs or it can be used without. It can
> differentiate instruction for groups and students.  This is vital
> functionality.  We need to port this to the Sugar world, probably by putting
> it on the XS, maybe as a module in Moodle.
> Tomeu has done some work on making the activities work in Sugar, but I
> don't think anyone has looked at how we enable classroom management.
> Why I think this is important:
>    - When I listen to feedback from the deployments, they all talk about
>    the need for content.
>    - When I see for myself what its like to use Sugar in a school, I think
>    we need an on-ramp for teachers.  This program would be an easy way to get
>    the teachers to start using Sugar and computers without going very far
>    outside of what they already know. Its aligned with the major curriculum
>    programs they are already using.  My belief is if they take the first step,
>    and use Sugar, they and their students will explore further.  Too much
>    technology sits in the classroom closet. This seems like it would be used by
>    lots of teachers, not just the most technological ones.
>    - This could be a model for other nonprofits for how to use Sugar to
>    distribute content they have created for our age level.
>    - It would be an excellent selling point for teachers trying to bring
>    Sugar into their schools.
> Please help us find someone (or a team) who has time and skills to tackle
> the technical challenge of porting/recreating the classroom management
> component.
> Thanks!
> Caroline
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