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Ryan Letada rletada at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 09:33:27 EST 2009

Hello Everyone,

Undoubtedly, our first meeting was productive and great!  Here are some of
the topics and announcements that came out of this "*historic meeting*."

(1) *The google group*: http://groups.google.com/group/olpc-philippines has
been established for operational purposes. It will serve as an online base
for collaboration on specific operational topics and a depot/archive for the
minutes of each of our meetings.This mailing list will continue to exist
simply for inquiries and brief updates (*Please join the Google Group!*).
Three important topics have already been posted on the group:

(a.) Identification of Public Elementary Schools for Demo/Presentation
(b.) Demo/Presentation Prepartions
(c.) XO's for Use in Automation of Election

(2) A recording of the* first meeting* can be viewed at
http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1109274. We also plan on posting detailed
minutes on the google group in the near future.

(3)* Next Meeting* will be on *28th of February at 11am* (Same venue).
Please join our meeting and recruit others to our cause!

Since many have yet to join the google group, here are some *brief
notes*from our first meeting. Please refer to the video recording or
send a reply
mail for points of clarification:

*Mission: Increase level of education in the Philippines
Organization Name - OLPC Philippines
Focus - SUGAR (Platform)

*1. Pilot Program Implementation:
1a. Where: Metro Manila Area
1b. XO's -->Sugar -->Particularly, educational content
1c. How:
     1c(a) Hour Presentation/Demo to increase awareness and support
     1c(b) Get Feedback in regards to deployment and XO as an

*2. XO's for USE in Automation of Election - Sandeep

*Group Interest -

*1. Create a sustainable and scalable volunteer model that is inclusive
of developers, educators, entrepreneurs, and all other potential

*2. Implement a pilot program that can serve as a model for further
expansion and deployment of XOs.

*3. Increase awareness **

Thanks! We are gaining traction and with your further support, I am sure we
will be able succeed in launching OLPC Philippines.


Ryan L.
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