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Brilliant Mel!


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> From: Mel Chua <mel at laptop.org>
> Subject: Re: [Olpc-philippines] XOs in the Philippines
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> > Hello fellow XO enthusiasts. I'm a member of a progressive church you
> > never heard of - Unitarian Universalists. We have two churches in Manila
> Actually, some of my best friends from high school (I grew up in
> Chicago; my parents immigrated from Manila) were UU. I wasn't aware
> there were UU congregations in the Philippines, though!
> You may be interested in the Religion section of the library, and
> perhaps contributing some content there.
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Collections#Religion
> > How can I help?
> How do you want to help?
> We need to nucleate a solid project with concrete, short-term goals in
> the Philippines, whether that's a Jam, a pilot, or a summer internship
> to offer to interested local students working on projects. Since OLPC is
> very, very small in terms of both finances and people, it's going to be
> the grassroots groups in any given country (you!) who step up and make
> things happen. I've dropped the ball on this in the past... it's hard to
> nucleate a movement in the Philippines when you're working full time in
> the US.
> What needs to happen is for people actually in the Philippines to stand
> up and say "Okay, this pilot needs to happen," or "Okay, this conference
> needs to have OLPC stuff in it," or "Okay, we need to get students from
> this class to illustrate children's books in Tagalog for their final art
> project." And then do it. People will be listening in on this list to
> offer help, pointers to resources, introductions, etc. but it's really
> up to the folks who want things to happen to start doing them. The
> meeting Charles Chen just proposed setting up is an *excellent* start -
> when you get together, start thinking of projects, post them to the
> list, begin writing them up on the wiki.
> Another thought is to schedule a chat time where people interested in
> OLPC Philippines can meet online - we haven't done this yet - and it's
> easier than flying everyone from all their different towns (and
> countries!) in to Manila. If people are free this coming Sunday (Feb 3)
> afternoon at 8pm Manila time (7am EST in the United States) I'll be on
> chat then and we can try to get some concrete projects going as well. Go
> on #olpc-groups at that time if you want to be in that conversation -
> it's an IRC channel on irc.freenode.net. The easiest way to do this is
> to go to http://en.forum.laptop.org/chat/, sign in (no need to make a
> login), and then type "/join #olpc-groups" (no quotes) once you log in.
> [[IRC]] (http://wiki.laptop.org/go/IRC) has more information if you want
> to use a chat program rather than your browser.
> Some parting words based on my experiences with OLPC grassroots activity
> over the past year: don't overcentralize - not everything needs to be
> under a single "OLPC PHILIPPINES!" banner - everything is grassroots
> here, and any chapter started by any school or group of people is
> equally "official." (Or rather, things are as official as you make them
> out to be.) There *should* be many independent, yet communicating (via
> this mailing list) project groups working on entirely different things;
> try to avoid creating organizational bottlenecks and hierarchies, find
> local sponsors, sources of funding and help...
> But more importantly, do things. Propose things. Don't ask for
> permission - find your own way to make things happen.
> -Mel (mchua on IRC, Mchua on the wiki)
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