[Olpc-philippines] B2-1 bricked?

OLPC Philippines/Pilipinas grassroots olpc-philippines at lists.laptop.org
Thu Aug 28 03:27:32 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I was testing a B2-1 unit from Rowen when I told him I think I can
upgrade the firmware to the same version used in the mass production
units. After reading the notes, I upgraded it with q2d03.rom using the
flash u:\q2d03.rom command and it went fine and rebooted to the Sugar
UI without any problems. When I rebooted it and accessed the system,
it booted to the USB. This is where the problem started.

Before I upgraded the firmware, I added q2d03.rom, fs.zip and
os711.img in the USB and rebooted. When the new firmware took over, it
promptly started the upgrade process without confirming so I couldn't
stop it less I end up with a non functioning unit. When the image
finished installing and rebooted by itself, the screen became blank
with a loud hissing noise from the speakers. Doing a hard restart
won't budge either as I only get a blank screen and the power and
battery LEDs continue to light up. The funny thing is that when its
turned off, the speakers emit a loud hiss and I have to pull out the
battery to turn it off.

Rowen suggested to do a blind test-all in the hardware but that didn't
work at all and I'm worried that I've erased the nand to the point
that the unit doest see anything to boot up but at the same time I'm
wondering why the display is not showing at all.

Also as this is a B2-1 unit, I'm aware that its basically beta
hardware. I wanted to check first to the list if this is something
that can still be remedied without opening up the hardware. While the
B2-1 is not the ideal unit to evaluate for a project, it helped me
convince some potential partners to seriously look into it for the
near future.

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