[Olpc-open] Suggestions for http://laptop.org/8.2.0/manual/XO_Ports.html

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Sun Jan 29 13:39:01 EST 2012


If there is a better choice of list for this suggestion, please let me know.

With a new XO 1.5, my first task was to identify the purpose of the various sockets 
and LEDs.  Googling for keywords hardware and features didn't help but eventually 
I found the page http://laptop.org/8.2.0/manual/XO_Ports.html.   It explained  
the salient hardware features except for the LED in the shape of a dot enclosed in 
paretheses in the lower left of the screen bezel and except for the power and 
battery LEDs.

Eventually I found good explanations in http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Power_management .
This is not the logical place to explain the LED for mesh network activity.  Please 
consider completing http://laptop.org/8.2.0/manual/XO_Ports.html by adding the 
mesh network LED.  

The various states--colors and steady/flashing--of the battery and power indicators 
are important!  Please consider adding this information to 
http://laptop.org/8.2.0/manual/XO_Ports.html or adding a link there to 
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Power_management .

The content of the two pages is more complete than implied by the names "XO-Ports" 
and "Power-management".  Please consider giving those two pages, names appropriate 
to content.  

Nice little machine and nice OS. 

Regards,                  ... Peter E.

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