[Olpc-open] eLearning Africa photo contest gallery

Samuel Klein sj at laptop.org
Mon Mar 29 20:51:29 EDT 2010

eLearning Africa runs Africa's largest annual conference on
development and education, and generally promotes awareness about the
value of learning online and new initiatives across Africa.   They
recently started a photo contest for people to share images of
projects implementing eLearning* in Africa -- mainly town and regional
projects run by individual NGOs.

It is great to see so many children in these pictures (a lot of
'eLearning' focuses on adults and businessmen); and some of the most
compelling images come from small XO pilots.  These are not the
large-scale deployments with government involvement, but instead
groups that acquired their own XOs by the 100s.


There are more than 60 projects with photos submitted so far.


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