[Olpc-open] Olpc-open Digest, Vol 28, Issue 26

gnome gnome at greenglim.com
Sun Oct 26 14:01:58 EDT 2008

gnome wrote:
>  > One question: the firmware update page says: q2e20 is "a refresh for the 
>  > prebuild of systems with the new keyboard controller chip."  I have one 
>  > of the first G1G1 machines from last year.  I don't remember whether 
>  > it's B-series, C-series, or what.  I am sure I don't have a "new 
>  > keyboard controller chip."  I'm currently using q2d10, if I remember right.
> if you have a G1G1 machine, and not a pre-G1G1 machine (you'd know), then
> you'll be fine.
Thanks for the info.  Yes, I have a G1G1, not pre-G1G1.  So it sounds 
like I can go ahead.  I shall watch my future progress with considerable 
interest.  :D

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